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General School Information

School Profile


1119 Second Street West

Kalispell, MT 59901



Tracy Ketchum


Office Manager: 

Taylor Sheets


Important Numbers:

Fax -- 406.751.3740

Main Office -- 406.751.3737

Attendance Line -- 406.751.3728

School Hours

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
(Office hours - 7:30 - 4:00)
Parents are encouraged to make appointments to visit classrooms and their child's teacher.  Please call or email to make arrangements for your visit.  Enter the school through the main entrance doors and check-in at the office with photo ID. Staff will direct you to sign in and receive your ID badge through Ident-a-kid security kiosk before going to the classroom. 
Children not enrolled in our school are only allowed in the school when they are accompanied by a parent and prior approval has been granted. 

We invite those of you who have the time, talents or interest to become involved in our school.  Volunteers need to complete a simple background check authorization and present photo ID to receive an ID badge. Forms are available at the front office or request via email at

For the safety of all, children not enrolled at Peterson may not accompany a field trip chaperone. Siblings from other classes also may not accompany the chaperone on field trips.

If you want to get involved but you're not sure what volunteers can do here are some tips!
  • Ask your child's teacher if they need any help in the classroom, on field trips or with special events.


  • Contact our parent organization, POPS, for volunteer opportunities or for financial support via sponsorship or donation. More information can be found under the POPS link on this website.


  • Contact the school to find out about general school needs or opportunities. Contact information can be found in the weekly newsletter or on this website.
Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off :

In an effort to maximize your child’s safety and implement district wide safety measures, we have specific procedures for drop-off and pick-up. Please do not enter or use the staff designated parking lots for pick up and drop off at anytime from 7:30 - 4:30 on school days. For your convenience there are 3, 15-minute parking spots in the front lot off Meridian to make it easier to pick up students during school hours.

Before and after school drop-off and pick-up should occur off of 2nd Street, the Meridian loop, the back lot loop, or along both alleys. The alleyways on the west and south sides of the school have openings in the fence for students to enter and exit the playground.

After school, only Kindergarten will exit from the front doors of the building. 1st, 2nd, and 3 will exit on the east side of building near the cross-walk and move toward 2nd street. 4th will exit from the door directly south of the main entry and 5th from the middle doors across from the playground. If your older child needs to pick up their kindergarten sibling, they will do so outside, once they have exited their designated door. 

Your student’s safety is our top concern. We appreciate your help keeping our students, your children, safe. 

Weather and Outside Play
Students at Peterson go outside for recess unless the feels like temperature is below zero.  Make sure to send your child prepared for the full weather forecast each school day.